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The Oxford Acute Vascular Imaging Centre (AVIC) at the John Radcliffe Hospital is an internationally unique facility dedicated to clinical research in acute coronary syndromes (heart attack and unstable angina) and stroke and TIA. There is a 3T MRI scanner functionally conjoined to an interventional angiography suite by a mechanised rapid transfer system.

AVIC is a unit within the Investigative Medicine Division (IMD) which is part of the Radcliffe Department of Medicine, University of Oxford.  We are based at the John Radcliffe Hospital on levels 1 and 2 between the Oxford Heart Centre and the Emergency Department.

AVIC was built and supported by the MRC, BHF and DoH. AVIC supports work from around 20 investigators.

In October 2015 the 2000th patient was scanned.

News and Events

OxVASC recruits its 10,000th participant - brain imaging is carried out in AVIC. Read more

AVIC is mentioned in the March edition of BluePrint - pages 8 & 9

Oxford Scientists to investigate new test to prevent stroke - this is being led by Dr Luca Biasiolli. Read more

Congratulations to Dr George Harston on the award of the RDM Graduate Prize 2015. Read more

Congratulations to Dr George Harston on the award of an ISC Junior Investigator Travel Grant. Read more 

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Intranet updates

24 August 2015 - List of approved stents for AVIC 3T.
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